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IKEA SWOT and Competitive Analysis

IKEA SWOT and Competitive Analysis (S)trengths Strength includes characteristics within the organization that adds value to the business and resulting in the ultimate success of organization. These factors are usually cited as skilled management, manufacturing facilities available and good profit product line available in business. (Finlay, 2000) IKEA has strong internationally brand name recognition. IKEAs branding attracts the major demographic customers. Business model of IKEA is unique in its construction as it has no direct competitions on like for like basis. IKEAs products offer values to customer by delivering low price and innovative products. IKEA carries degree of specialist skills and knowledge within key production areas. (Edvardsson Enquist, 2009; Lewis, 2005; Torekull Kamprad, 1999) (W)eaknesses Weaknesses address the internal factors within the business. Those factors that prevent the achievement of successful projects are mainly barriers in communication channels, insufficient resources and conflicts between departments. (Finlay, 2000) IKEA promotes the low pricing model but services to customers are not satisfactory. Retention of customer focuses that customers should be happy fully with the business services. To repeat business with the same customer base IKEA has to work out on its services that are given to customers. Practices of ecommerce have become necessary for businesses to compete with modern technological world. IKEA needs to adopt such practices for the efficiency of its business. (Ikea, 1995; Levine, 2007) (O)pportunities Opportunity factor in SWOT analysis deals with the external elements that will help the business in the completion of successful projects. Strong network of vendors, healthy relationships with suppliers and prevailing good market conditions these all add values to the project. (Finlay, 2000) Opportunity available to IKEA is growing demand for green products and growing demand for low price products by the customers. Due to liquidity crunch and high inflation demand for low price products is increasing. IKEA is moving towards the global status because of the development of Eastern and European models. (Edvardsson Enquist, 2009; Lewis, 2005; Torekull Kamprad, 1999) (T)hreats Final factor of SWOT analysis is threat. Threat represents the external factors that can threaten the success of project. Threat is the negative public image towards business, week vendor relationship, inadequate resources and unavailability of market for the final product. (Finlay, 2000) Various competitors are entering in market and offering the low cost household and furniture products and causing the threat to IKEAs business. Due to recession in economy, trend of consumers spending and disposal of income has reduced. First time buying pattern by consumers is also threat as consumers spend less when they enter in the market. (Ikea, 1995; Levine, 2007) Context and Key issues Wal-Mart is indirect competitor of IKEA. Wal-Mart runs a chain of large stores whereas IKEA deals only with the home furnishing. Wal-Mart offers extensive products and home furnishing is from one of its product lines. Wal-Mart is biggest public company while IKEA is private company. Wal-Mart has world recognized retail brands as IKEAs. IKEA has no direct competitors but Wal-Mart has to compete with the direct competitors also. IKEA focuses on the low priced product strategy which will affect Wal-Mart as more customers are moving towards IKEA for home furnishing. Wal-Mart strategy is focused on human resource management and development and IKEA strategy gives emphasize to low price products to customer. Services given to customers by IKEA are not up to the mark. Wal-Mart can grab customers form IKEA by focusing on the services and by giving values to customer. Retention of customer is possible when their desires are fulfilled along with these desires customer demands good services from the company. Those companies that are providing good customer service are becoming successful. Wal-Mart by using the information technology to assist its logistic systems can precede the IKEA. Information technology can become the core competence of Wal-Mart and by using this core competency Wal-Mart can excel IKEA. (Lewis, 2005; Maon et al., 2007; Tong Tong, 2006) IKEA can compete vigorously with Wal-Mart by fulfilling the demand of customers. Demands for greener products, demands for low priced products and demand from low carbon footprints are increasingly. IKEA by serving these demands can gain the opportunity to become successful and strong competitor of Wal-Mart in home furnishing product line. IKEA by developing the Eastern and European models can increase its market shares and Wal-Mart profitability can decline. By providing customer with low priced products IKEA can attract the customer in this economic recession period where customers are not spending their income. By offering the low priced products to the customer Wal-Mart can do extremely well with IKEA. Due to inflation and down trend in the buying pattern of customers this strategy can gain success to the company. To overcome the threat of low buying pattern of consumer Wal-Mart can take better measures than IKEA as Wal-Mart is running huge retail business than IKEA. IKEA is providing only home furnishing products. It has more skills and knowledge as it is dealing only with this product line and also IKEA is providing innovative and less price products. IKEA strengths have increased from Wal-Mart in home furnishing products because it is focusing only on this product line. (Lewis, 2005; Maon et al., 2007; Tong Tong, 2006) Conclusion IKEA and Wal-Mart differ in number of ways. For the constructive comparison market segmentation and target market for both IKEA and Wal-Mart has to be considered. Target market of IKEA is only consumers of home furnishing while Wal-Mart deals with huge target market. Influence of IKEA on Wal-Mart is less because Wal-Mart is running huge industry. Market segmentation of Wal-Mart is different from IKEA like Wal-Mart focuses on different demographic segmentation, Psychographics and life style segmentation and behavioural segmentation. Target market of IKEA is different as it is only providing products to consumers who are keen in home furnishing whereas home furnishing is only the niche of Wal-Mart. Strategies of IKEA and Wal-Mart are also dissimilar. IKEA focuses on the low priced and innovative products to customer whereas Wal-Mart focuses on the human management and development of human skills. IKEA has no direct competitors so it does not directly influence other businesses through its strengths and weaknesses. Healthy competition is always done on one to one basis. Weakness of IKEA is also that it has no direct competitor. Presence of direct competitor boosts the company performance. References Edvardsson, B. Enquist, B. 2009, Values-based service for sustainable business : lessons from IKEA, Routledge, London; New York. Finlay, P. 2000, Strategic management : an introduction to business and corporate level strategy, Financial Times Prentice Hall, Harlow. Ikea, A. S. 1995, Democratic design : a book about form, function and pricethe 3 dimensions at IKEA, IKEA, Almhult, Sweden. Levine, J. 2007, Forbes Life Billionaires Ikea, Forbes., pp. 328-. Lewis, E. 2005, Great Ikea! : a brand for all the people, Great brand stories, Cyan, London. Maon, F., Swaen, V., Lindgreen, A. University of Hull. Business, S. 2007, Corporate social responsibility at IKEA : commitment and communication, Hull University Business School, [S.l.]. Tong, C. H. Tong, L. I. 2006, Exploring the Conerstones of Walmarts Succes and Competitiveness, Competitiveness review : CR., 16 (2), pp. 143-9. Torekull, B. Kamprad, I. 1999, Leading by design : the IKEA story, HarperBusiness, New York.

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Software in the Land of Smiles (a study of software piracy in Thailand)

Software in the Land of Smiles (a study of software piracy in Thailand) 1.Overview Walk down the street in Thailand and amongst the numerous trinket vendors, you will find one that has catalog of software titles. The same catalogs can also be found at the major shopping malls at numerous retailers. Flip through the catalogs, choose your software titles, and pay around US$3. A runner will go retrieve your titles and, in about 5-10 minutes, you will have your new software. This is only a glimpse of the multi-million dollar world of software piracy and how accessible it has become in the land of smiles, Thailand. Software piracy is the use of software without a license from the copyright holder. There are several forms of piracy ranging from sharing personal copies of programs to mass distribution and selling of those programs. Thailand, by far, has a problem with the latter. The International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) first identified Thailand as one of the worst pirate countries in 1985. From 1985 to present, Thailand has been frequently on and off of the IIPA priority watch list for its piracy and lack of enforcement. Thailand made great strides in 1995 when it passed a new Copyright bill which expressly include software. Trade negotiations and increased attention were the catalyst for some of the notable piracy crackdowns. However, piracy is still a major issue in Thailand today. The United States Trade Representative (USTR) recently initiated Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Thailand in February 2004. The FTA would increase the number of US exports to Thailand and allow those exports to enter the country duty free. The IIPA has expressed concern over the FTA negotiations, citing probl... [8] BSA, Eight Annual Global Piracy Study, 2003, [9] Richard Mills/Ricardo Reyes, USTR Notifies Congress of Intent to Initiate Free Trade Agreement Negotiations with Thailand, 2003, [10] Cornell law school, Berne Convention, Paris text, 1971, [11] World Trade Organization, Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), 1994, [12] CNET Asia staff, Dell joins budget PC push in Thailand, 2003, [13] Jo Best, Is counterfeiting resulting in Microsoft price cuts?, 2004,39024651,39118856,00.htm

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Reflection paper on guest speaker Essay

Casa Youth Shelter is a nonprofit organization located in Los Alamitos, California providing emergency temporary shelter for homeless, runaway and abandoned youth. They have 12 licensed beds dedicated to providing 24/7 shelter care for youth ages 12-17. Their goal is to provide adolescent youths with a safe place, and with an opportunity to stabilize their lives. It is always their goal to reunify the residents with their families if it is a safe environment for them to return to. In 1978, Myldred E. Jones, decided that Southern California needed a safe place for runaway and homeless youths to turn to, who at that time had few places to go. She believed that no child should be living on the streets, under freeway overpasses, worrying about their safety and their next meal. So, at the age of 69, Myldred founded Casa Youth Shelter. Statistics show that from the time Casa Youth Shelter opened their doors to date, they have served an estimated 12,000 kids as well as 44,000 family members who were also affected. Today, Casa Youth Shelter has expanded to six bedrooms with 12 licensed beds. There is also a recreation room, a library and a computer center. In 2000, the shelter added a 2,000 square-foot Counseling Center to the lot. The center is used for counseling, parenting classes and a variety of outreach activities. In 2008, Myldred’s cottage was transformed into the Myldred E. Jones Recreation Courtyard, just as she had always wanted. Casa Youth Shelter provides the following programs and services: †¢Shelter – Short Term Program and Extended Placement Program †¢Counseling †¢Outreach to Schools †¢Youth Leadership Program †¢Parenting Classes A typical day in the life of a resident while staying at Casa is  a very structured one beginning with wake up time at 6:30 am then followed by breakfast and chores through 8:40am. At 8:45 residents attend a morning process group which is their first therapeutic experience of the day. At 10 they have a snack and then they are allowed recreation time for games until lunch time at noon. At 1:00 they attend art therapy followed by another snack at 3:00. From then to 6pm they attend 2-3 group sessions followed by dinner which they all eat together including the staff. After dinner residents get free time until it’s time for bed at 9:30pm. Pamela is currently the Community Outreach Director at Casa Youth Shelter, where she has been employed for approximately 1 yr. and 10 months. She has also received her LCSW as a Social Work Professional as of February 2014. Prior to her current position she was a School Social Worker at East Whittier City School District for 4 yrs. and a Children’s Social Worker at Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services for 5 yrs. The key points of Pamela’s lecture I would have to say were how Casa Youth Shelter was started, her position there, the requirements to be a resident there, the statistics on how many kids and families have been served there, their mission statement plus goals and finally all the different services that Casa Youth Shelter has to offer their residents. I can tell that Pamela is very passionate about what she does. She started as an intern at Casa years ago then moved on to other Human Service Agencies and finally returned to accept a full time position where she first started her journey. All the while striving to do the best she could do at helping people who were in desperate need for services. She just like her mentor Mildred want to help people through their struggles and make a difference in people’s lives. I was very impressed by Pamela’s lecture and motivation. She was organized and very well informed about all the materials she was presenting. I strongly agree with Pamela’s views on Human Service issues and the need for caring people to help others. As a matter of fact when I started my journey here at Cypress College I was originally only going for  my certificate in Substance Abuse but now I have decided to continue on to get my AA in Human Services. I don’t know what I could possibly do different to make the services that are currently being offered at Casa Youth Shelter any better than they are now. I think they have a great program with all the services that would be needed to meet the goals of the clients to turn their lives around and succeed in their personal lives. This class has affecting me in many positive ways. I have always known that I am a very warm, caring and helpful person but this class has enlightened me as to how many different Human Services Agencies are out there to be a part of. I really enjoy the way that Mr. Zager teaches the lessons, he is very thorough and breaks things down to make it easier to understand. I also enjoyed doing the extra credit assignment through the careers center because it helped me understand what my strengths are and what career choices I might be good at. I don’t know exactly where I will end up when I’m done with school but I am certain that it will be somewhere helping others though.

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Chula Vista Nature Center

The Chula Vista Nature Center Tamitha Y Sprenger SCI 256 March 29, 2012 Tim Boyajian Chula Vista Nature Center San Diego, to many it’s a land of dreams from coastal backyards to mountain views as well as many areas that imitate the dessert like climates of Arizona. However, it is not just a home for people, but also for many animals and plants as well. California has partnered with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service and California fish and game to help protect the diverse species of plants and animals that share the lush beauty of this land.One way they are striving to accomplish this task is through the Multiple Species Conservation Plan (MSCP). One organization that assists in the restoration of the native plant and animals of Chula Vista is the Chula Vista Nature Center. The Chula Vista Nature Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing environmental education on coastal resource conservation, and building a respect for wildlife in the lives of the people. It rests on the 316-acre Sweetwater March National Wildlife Refuge, and provides an interactive learning experience by introducing the guest to the way the native creatures live in their natural habitats.Some of the interactive exhibits include the turtle lagoon, the shark and ray experience, and the native plant gardens. One can even see burrowing owl nests and the bald eagle. At the native plant and garden visitors will be provided with staff fully knowledgeable on composting gardens. These staff members will then give a demonstration that will teach visitors how they can help make home gardens healthy and safe by reducing the use of toxic fertilizers that destroy the native plants.Some of these native plants guests will be able to enjoy are the Shaw’s Agave, Sagebrush, Coast Barrel Cactus, The California Wild Rose, and many more. With these beautiful and fragrant flowers guests will also enjoy butterflies, hummingbirds and other native birds. The Chula Vista Nature Center ta kes guests on an underworld adventure though the Discovery Center. Here, one will learn about the Rainbow Trout, California Lobster, Red Diamond Rattlesnake, Moon Jelly and more.Guest will find them selves traveling though the bay, to the marshlands and then into upland areas as they stroll through the Discovery Center. Interactions with humans for these plants and animals are beneficial to their survival. Without the knowledge of s disasters that put them in danger of extinction many of these creatures will have already been gone, and humans will only learn of them from books. With the help of The Chula Vista Nature Center, these native creatures will have a chance to grow, and live as they were meant to live.Humans will experience the beauty of the land, and the natural resources that are provided for them by the land. Human life does not come solely from their attempts to grow their own plants, or breed their own animals. It comes from working together with the plants and animals that naturally live and grow in the environment. References County of San Diego (2009). MSCP Biology. Received March 26, 2012 from http://www. sdcounty. ca. gov The Chula Vista Nature Center (2010). The Chula Vista Nature Center. Received March 27, 2012 from http://www. chulavistanaturecenter. org

Comparing Two Poems

Monday, 27 September 2010 Compare the similarities and differences between two Ballads, Charlotte Dymond and John Lomas. Charlotte Dymond and John Lomas, are two poems which share several techniques. They also, however are different in many ways. This essay will explore their similarities and their differences and explain reasons why the two ballads are different or similar. For example, both poems have a theme of murder. Ballads normally have a sad or shocking story, so this is very common. In both poems the murderer is always hanged after murdering another person. In Charlotte Dymond, the murderer is her lover.In John Lomas, the murderer is John Lomas. The murder controls the ballads and there is no point in the ballads which are happy, this means that the ballads can be quite depressing because they are so sad. John Lomas is quite sad because the murderer John Lomas is telling the story with a great amount of regret. In both poems a razor is used to kill the victim. Razors come ou t of a small wooden holder, so it would be easy to hide at your wrist, or like in Charlotte Dymond, Matthew had the razor ‘waiting at his wrist’. A difference between the two poems would be; in Charlotte Dymond the writer uses a range of different languages.For example, similes are used a lot, like in stanza fourteen there are two similes, they are; her skin was soft as sable, and her eyes were wide as day. Whereas in John Lomas, there is only one simile in the whole ballad, that simile is; my conscience did like fuel burn. That simile is in stanza nine. In comparison Charlotte Dymond has four similes and John Lomas has one. Similes are when you say something is like another thing or when someone says some as so for example the tree was like a wall, or the journey was as long as a mountain.The writer could of not wanted more similes in John Lomas because maybe he didn’t want things to be referred to as something else. Another difference is that in Charlotte Dymon d the writer uses lots of alliteration, they use alliteration twelve times in the whole poem an example would be; why do you sit so sadly, your face the colour of clay, and with a green gauze handkerchief, wipe the sour sweat away? That is actually the whole of stanza eleven. In contrast to in John Lomas, where there is only one line of alliteration. This line is in stanza nine and it is; my crime was of so deep a dye.This is quite a significant difference. Some people think that alliteration is when two or more words in a sentence, line have the same starting letters. But it’s not that simple, the words have to have the same sound to go with the same letters. The writer may not have wanted alliteration because he thought that it was hard to find two words with the same letter and sound. A similarity between Charlotte Dymond and John Lomas is both poems have four line stanzas. The number of stanzas is different John Lomas having fourteen stanzas and Charlotte Dymond having tw enty three stanzas.This is important to know, because generally four line stanzas is a usual number of lines, but you can get stanzas with more than four lines. Having more stanzas increases the space for a range of language, and it also increases the space to describe the story in more detail. Maybe the writes had a list of key points during writing the ballad which were the key points of the story and they decided that the list was finished after fourteen or twenty three stanzas, maybe the writer couldn’t add any more detail to the stanzas without making the rhyme scheme change or the amount of stanzas change.If these two things were to happen it would mean that the rhythm would ‘go out the window’ because it would no longer work as it did before. A difference between the two poems is that Charlotte Dymond uses metaphors for example; her cheeks were made of honey and; her throat was made of flame. Whereas in John Lomas there are no metaphors in the whole ballad . This may be because the ballad only has fourteen stanzas and the poet could not fit any metaphors in or it could be because, he chose not to put any metaphors in the poem.A metaphor is when you say something is something for example ‘my dog is a great big ball of fluff’ in this I am saying that my dog is actually a great ball of fluff not as or like when you use a simile but he is a ‘great big ball of fluff’ this is very direct and as though the writer is actually talking to you as a reader if the writer is talking in third person like in Charlotte Dymond so the writer may not want to write something so direct.Whereas in John Lomas the writer is talking about when he killed the victim and so he might want to be direct when he is talking to the reader. Another difference between the two poems is that in Charlotte Dymond the poet writes in third person as in talking about something happening in this case the murder of Charlotte Dymond. This means that the m urder could be changed to fit the criteria of what the murderers friend or the victims friend.This means that the poem could have been changed to fit what the writer wanted for example the writer might be the murderer’s friend, so he might want to make the murder not seem as bad as it actually was. Or the person might be the victim’s friend so they want to make the murderer look as bad as possible. Whereas in John Lomas the writer is actually the murderer. He is talking about the murder whilst he is in prison waiting to be hung. This means that his mind might be somewhere else which might be the reason that there is not a lot of detailed description.But that might not be the only reason that there isn’t a lot of description because the ballads were written in the eighteen hundreds, then it might have been more important to have a regular rhythm and rhyme scheme than to have extremely detailed stanzas. I think that I prefer Charlotte Dymond to John Lomas because I like the way it is more detailed, and I prefer the ballad being in third person, and the way the poem has a lot of similes and metaphors and alliteration.

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Occupational Safety and Health Administration Essay - 1

Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Essay Example Safety and security of workers in the workplace are two fundamental aspects to account for. Employers are expected to ensure that employees undertake their duties in an environment that do not jeopardize their safety, health, security, and overall welfare. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets and enforces safety and health standards that should be adhered to in the workplace. Both employers and employees are expected to comply with OSHA provisions. OSHA undertakes time to time inspections in its bid to enforce the OSHA provisions. For my company, OSHA inspections are undertaken at least once every year. Some of OSHA’s inspections are impromptu, intended to capture the real scenario in the working environment. Ergonomics threats or injuries seem to trend upwards for the company. This is observed alongside cumulative trauma disorders that affect a significant portion of the workforce. The threats and injuries realized in the company are as a result of change s in the working systems that have seen the improvement of the manner in which employees undertake their duties. This threats and injuries are high before the employees fully familiarize with the improved systems. Amid this, violating OSHA can be avoided by ensuring that their continued implementation prior to making any changes in the company’s system of operation. In this respect, communication involves all the parties within the company, the external environment and the relevant agencies that deal with health safety implementation.

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Britain and the empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Britain and the empire - Essay Example Thompson believes that the concept of the new clock time, came into existence because of capitalistic interests, replaced the earlier perception of time3. These earlier perceptions of time, emanated from the collective wisdom of mankind. These earlier views regarding time were imposed by religious and social authorities, before the emergence of the industrial revolution. This paper analyzes the ideas of Thompson regarding how time was perceived by the traditional society, and how it changed during the industrial revolution. This is in the late 1700s. Furthermore, this paper analyzes who had the ability of telling time, and how the changes and use of time affected the rural laborers during the 1700s, and what is meant by â€Å"Saint Monday†. This paper further analyzes how the discipline of time regulation related to the wages and experiences of the workers during the 18th century. It further analyzes the context of idleness, in the view of Thompson. This paper also contains the independent ideas and insights of the essay by Thompson. Thompson denotes that during the pre-industrial societies, people had different views and believes about time4. This believes and views were imposed by social and religious authorities, and based on collective wisdom of members of a society. These societies viewed time, based on their commercial, social, and religious activities. For example, in societies that practiced hunting, agriculture, and other human interaction activities with the natural world, time discipline was governed by biological, as well as astronomical factors. People knew specific seasons, or times through observations. The Islamic lunar calendar is an example in which people identified time and seasons through religious means. This calendar was developed by the nomadic Arabs, who lived in the deserts. The lunar calendar does not reflect any seasons, because it was not convenient for these Arabs. However, with the arrival of